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THE EDTECH PODCAST with Amy Moore and Bill Stein.
A lighthearted podcast focused on a variety of issues in the world of EDTECH in the K12 classroom.

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    CAD - Episode 14 - How to ruin a snow day.

    Amy and Bill discuss eLearning Days and how they impact student learning. NOTE: We apologize for the occasional static noise and are having the room checked for poltergeists.

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    CAD - Episode 9 - Culture Club

    Join Amy and Bill in an in depth discussion about school culture and how it affects technology integration.

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    CAD - Episode 6 - How to be a nerd.

    Bill and Amy discuss who to follow on Twitter, what conferences to attend, and other ways to get started in edtech or expand your network.

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    CAD - Episode 5 - Tech or Treat!

    Amy and Bill are on location at Willard Library where they discuss the scary side of tech integration and their love for All Hallows' Eve!

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    CAD - Episode 4 - The ICE Princess

    Our hosts sit down with ICE Princess Michelle Eaton to discuss this year's Indiana Connected Educators Conference, but more importantly, they learn about next year's ICE theme.

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