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THE EDTECH PODCAST with Amy Moore and Bill Stein.
A lighthearted podcast focused on a variety of issues in the world of EDTECH in the K12 classroom.


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    CAD - Episode 39 - Due to inclement weather this podcast has Candice Dodson!

    Indiana leads the way again with the use of eLearning days during inclement weather and for teacher and staff PD. Candice Dodson from the IDOE Office of eLearning stops in to answer some frequently asked questions, clarify some misconceptions, and talk about how eLearning days can transform learning! Wow!

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    CAD - Episode 38 - The Newbie's Guide to the Galaxy

    Being a student teacher can be tough! Amy and Bill discuss ways student teachers and supervising teachers can make the most of the experience! We also talk about how new technology support peeps can make an easy transition into the school environment without watering any plastic plants.

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